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Wild Boar Properties (CRN 7374972) is involved in property development, investment, management and consultancy directly, through joint-venture partnerships and companies and in a project management capacity. The main related entities actively trading at present are as follows:-

Wild Boar Estates Ltd (CRN 04226300) is an investment-holding company.

Vineyard Street LLP (CRN OC360290) is a single-property development LLP.

Cockle Creek LLP (CRN OC362740) is a single-property development LLP.

Duke Street Chelmsford LLP (CRN OC372434) is a single-property development LLP.

Bank Passage LLP (CRN OC383160) is a single-property development LLP.


Andrew P Temperton BSc (Hons) MRICS is the Managing Director or Managing Partner of each of the above companies and partnerships.

The Registered Office of all the above companies and partnerships is South Barn, Sudbury Road, Halstead, Essex CO9 3AG.

The Trading Address and contact details for all the above companies and partnerships is:-

South Barn
Sudbury Road
Essex CO9 3AG

Tel : 01787 461796

E-mail :

Skype : andrewptemperton

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you.